Harry Mills

  Harry Mills

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Jenny's Tribute to Harry

I’ve been thinking about what to say for the past few days, but I honestly feel no words can justify Harry. He was the best brother I could have wished for, very annoying at times, but still the best.

I would often be woken extra early by the sound of Harry playing Jeepers Creepers on his saxophone, and would find myself humming the song for hours after leaving the house. Better than when a 4-year-old Harry had an obsession with the Teletubbies that tune would echo round my head for days!

I think we will all miss our Sunday roasts together; these were always very funny occasions with Harry insulting us, or telling some of my friends Mum and Dads “secrets” this could often get quite embarrassing! I always remember walking downstairs one morning with the worst case of spots I think I or anyone else had ever seen, feeling very down in the dumps Harry’s voice suddenly piped up asking me if I had chicken pox.

He always managed to put us other kids to shame, he constantly was helping mum, with the shopping, loading the dishwasher, making cups of tea and he only ever had a tantrum once in a blue moon, compared to our daily outbursts. I won’t deny that Harry was often taken advantage of by us older ones. One evening mum turned to us four and asked if one of us could run and get some milk for the morning, Harry being the youngest was immediately targeted, we all enthusiastically turned to him and said “go on Harry, you go, we’ll time you and see how fast you can do it” Harry forever the competitive loved the thought, and raced out of the front door, whilst we all slumped into the sofa to watch the next episode of Eastenders… Harry put up a good fight the next time we were asked.

As far as I’m concerned Harry is never going to be truly gone, he lives in everyone’s memories, he’s out there playing rugby, football and cricket with his team, he’s still probably going to spy on us from behind the wardrobe whilst were sitting in our rooms unaware, and every now and then I will hear the very annoying sound of jeepers creepers going around my head.

I love you Harry.



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