Harry Mills

  Harry Mills

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Marie's Tribute to Harry

For days I have been thinking of what I can say, and I am lost for words as there is just confusion, questions and shock going through my mind.

All I feel is an enormous amount of love, warmth and pride in my brother Harry. Harry has had a huge impact on me, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, something that I am very grateful for. I will miss him so much. The only comfort I have is to have been privileged enough to have known him, for filling my life with so many wonderful memories and to be able to say he was my little brother. I feel that it is important to realise that he lived life to the full, and to somehow find happiness rather than sadness; as the memories we all share and have had with Harry have been special, touching, funny and fill our minds with joy.

This is how we will all remember Harry and Harry would want us to be how we are in his memories, after all his exceptional personality and huge wonderful smile is all around us.

I would now like to read a poem, written by Harry, which sums up a huge part of his life in his own words… sport.

This is the sport for me.

Stripy bees running and passing
Quicksilver feet dodging and darting
Soft squelchy mud
Bruises and blood
Rugby’s the sport for me.

Vicious teeth bared like a tiger
Smashing hard the torpedo ball
Spinning and sailing
Springing and diving
Tennis’s the sport for me.

Wheeling arm spins the ball into air
Willow bat smoothly strikes for six
The aim of cricket…
To hit the wicket
Crickets’ the sport for me

A hungry mouth waiting to be fed
The ball zigzags into the net
The crowd roars
The player scores
Football’s the sport for me.



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