Harry Mills

  Harry Mills

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Tony's Tribute to Harry

One word I have heard over and over today is happy. Indeed I canít remember Harry ever having a long face or looking miserable. All those who knew him, will vouch for this statement.
Richard, Judy, Marie, Jenny and George want Harry to have a final send off similar to those which finished many a sporting fixture, he was always involved in.

Before I ask all the children in the church to stand, can you please think of a moment you had with Harry Mills, that will stand in your memory forever and bring a smile Ė big one preferably to you your face.

This could be a joke, sleepover, sporting fixture, but one which will help you leave the church with your best memory of Harry Mills.

Can all the children please stand.

Lets make sure that the three cheers are heard all across Marlow.


Thank you.



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